I tend to not weep over that.
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Always reblog

10/10 THIS

I actually adore her because I’ve NEVER seen a black person get to be so fucking frank and honest about racial injustice on tv.

She’s real, she’s smart, she’s witty, she’s informed and she’s fucking unapologetic. I’m obsessed.


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“Geschminkte Wahrheit” by Yasmin Heinz: “
The human body as canvas”

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Solar energy that doesn’t block the view

A team of researchers at Michigan State University has developed a new type of solar concentrator that when placed over a window creates solar energy while allowing people to actually see through the window. It is called a transparent luminescent solar concentrator and can be used on buildings, cell phones and any other device that has a clear surface. And, according to Richard Lunt of MSU’s College of Engineering, the key word is “transparent.”

[read more at MSU] [paper] [picture credit: Yimu Zhao]


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Every season of Doctor Who has That One Episode We Never Discuss. 


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Don’t promise when you’re happy,
Don’t reply when you’re angry and
Don’t decide when you’re sad.
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like i’m all about equal opportunity shipping y’all know that

but there are just some ships that i look at and go


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I saw someone fly backwards off a treadmill today and I was laughing so hard I fell off the crosstrainer which made the girl next to me laugh so hard that she slipped off hers and it was 7:30 in the morning and there were just 3 of us sitting on the floor of the gym crying with laughter and in varying degrees of pain 

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i hate how people use the word “partner” for gay people like no she’s my girlfriend we’re not fucking doing science projects together thank you bye



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